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The Kidney Centre was founded in March of 1985 when Dr. Ronald Knowles had a desire to provide dialysis treatment for patients outside of the government hospital. The first unit was established at the Rodgers apartments under the nursing leadership of Mrs. Hannah Grant and was a lifeline for patients who were employed, allowing them a flexible treatment schedule. The unit began treatment as early as 3 am so that patients could meet their work requirements. The Centre started with only five (5) patients and today, the organization has three (3) Centres in Nassau, Freeport and Abaco with a total of approximately 190 patients and steadily growing.


Business Growth

The process of improving the Centre's performance and profitability

Operational Excellence

Focus on consistent and reliable delivery of services. It is evidenced by results.

Customer Service Excellence

Exceeding expectations of clients, going the extra mile.

Quality Patient Care

Doing the right thing, at the right time, in the right way.


Significant positive change. Transformation


Ability and capacity to maintain the delivery of services.


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