Passing urine means that you have a minimal amount of kidney function that is only sufficient to keep you alive and well for a short time.
Yes, your kidney disease has affected both of your kidneys.
No, it will not. There is no medical evidence that this type of treatment causes diseased kidneys to regain normal function.
Yes, you need to take all prescribed medication. No, you should not take natural or “bush medicines”. They can be dangerous to your health, as they contain many substances that are untested. Their effect on your health is unknown.
No. Coconut water is high in potassium and therefore dangerous to your health.
No. Dialysis treatment removes fluid and toxins (poisons), as well as extra fluid from your body. You will require approximately four (4) hours of treatment, regardless of the amount fluid you put on between treatments for removal of toxins.
Yes. But you must arrange for your treatment while you are away.
No. Missing a treatment can cause heart and cerebrovascular complications, cramping, low pressure and fluid overload.
No. Many fruits, especially citrus fruits have large amounts of potassium.
No. Consistently high phosphorous levels cause an increase in your parathyroid hormone level, which, in turn, causes weakening of bones, generalized itching and hardening of coronary arteries.