Patient Rights & Code Of Conduct



  • Be informed about your care
  • Be treated with respect and dignity
  • Review your chart (make a request and pay a fee to Administration to receive a copy of your health record)
  • Speak to any member of the interdisciplinary team as needed
  • Ask questions and get answers in a timely manner
  • A second opinion if you wish to seek one
  • To take action if you are not satisfied with the care you or someone you care about receives – the first step is talking with your care provider or supervisor.



  • Be an active participant in your care
  • Treat other patients, staff and visitors with respect and dignity
  • Tell your healthcare team about changes in your health or medication, address, phone number.
  • Arrive for treatment on time or tell us if you cannot get to the unit on time.
  • Follow the healthcare team’s recommendations regarding medications, fluid limits and diet choices or let the doctor know, if for some reason you cannot.


  • Respect ALL staff and patients regardless of gender, Ethnicity, religious beliefs or sexual orientation.
  • Respect ALL property of the Kidney Centre and no item is to be removed from the Kidney Centre without consent of the Administrator or Supervisor.
  • Patients are to cooperate with staff and the rules, requests and regulations set by the Kidney Centre. If you are unable to, seek the assistance of the Centre’s Administrator or Supervisor.
  • No aggressive, argumentative or threatening behavior in word or deed will be tolerated
  • Refrain from the use of profanity, inappropriate language and behavior which includes sexual innuendoes, comments and gestures.
  • No weapons are allowed within the Kidney Centre.
  • No alcohol or illicit drugs are to be bought within the Kidney Centre.
  • No soliciting allowed on the property of the Kidney Centre.
  • Use of personal electronics is allowed, but must be used at a reasonable volume level or with headphones. It is important not to disturb others or disrupt the work of the unit.
  • No food items should be shared between patients, once patients are on the machine.
  • Visitors are not allowed within the treatment area of the Kidney Centre.