Your Travel & Employment


Hemodialysis is available worldwide and we can assist in making arrangements once adequate notice has been provided. Many receiving units in the United States and other countries require at least a 1-month notice, so planning well in advance of your travel date is encouraged. Given that you must meet the health and financial requirements of the receiving unit prior to being given a confirmation date and time, we advise starting the arrangements at least 3 months prior to your travel date.

Once you have confirmed the date that you wish to travel, you will be required to make the initial contact with the dialysis centre abroad, where you will be having your treatment. You will need to give them the contact information of your centre here in The Bahamas, so that we can provide the necessary information they will need.

The Kidney Centre provides hemodialysis treatment at the following locations:

  • Renal House – West Bay Street, Nassau – New Providence
  • Renal Care – West Mall Drive, Freeport – Grand Bahama
  • Kidney Centre – Don McKay Blvd, Marsh Harbour – Abaco

They ALL require at least 2 weeks’ notice for the booking of treatments.  Your centre will assist you in this process.


The Kidney Centre aims to keep your life as normal as possible and maintaining employment is a part of this balance. You can continue to work with kidney failure by taking care of yourself.  When you first start hemodialysis, and for a period after, while you become accustomed to your treatments, you may not feel well enough to work.  Key points to keep in mind:

  • If you are too ill to work, take a temporary leave of absence instead of quitting.
  • Talk to your employer about working part-time or flexible hours, especially if you have health insurance.
  • Working will allow you more financial flexibility than if you stopped working.
  • If you have to stop working, talk with your social worker about assistance programmes.
  • Through your dialysis treatment scheduling, we will assist you as much as possible with a schedule that will allow for minimal or no time off from work.

Employers need their employees to come to work on time and perform optimally. If for any reason you need to miss work, talk with your employer as soon as you are aware. You can keep your job while on dialysis.